What if I lost my certificate?

Advance Design & Concepts, Inc. can ONLY PROVIDE REPLACEMENT CERTIFICATES FOR THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO TOOK OUR PROGRAM. You must have received a picture ID certificate as shown on our home page or the new one issued after March 2012. If you took a TIPS, Learn to Serve, or any other BASSET program, you must contact the provider of your individual training. BASSET providers keep their own records. You must contact the BASSET provider who issued the original certificate. If you took training through another BASSET provider, Advance Design & Concepts, Inc. cannot issue you a certificate.

At present, the State of Illinois does not require recertification. Therefore, a BASSET card / certificate issued by Advance Design & Concepts, Inc. has no expiration date. If you took the class through Advance Design & Concepts, Inc. Harper, Elgin, Oakton or Kishwaukee Community Colleges, you only need to get a new certificate. There is no need to take the class again, unless you work in Cook County.

Starting July 1, 2015, the State of Illinois is requiring that all servers of alcohol in Cook County must be recertified every three years. If you work in Cook County, this means you need to retake a BASSET class, if you took it previous to 2012.

To get a new certificate send an e-mail to Adcbasset@comcast.net and include your name, an approximate month and year of your completion date, and if possible, who you were working for at the time you took the class. You will be notified as to where and when you can make arrangements to get a new certificate.


Beginning in November 2001, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission started requiring that all BASSET providers submit rosters of individuals completing the program. If you took the program in November of 2001 or after, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission may have a record of your certificate. You can call (312) 814-0773 or contact Lee Roupas by e-mail at Lee.Roupas@illinois.com to secure this information.

Lee is doing the carding in this poster seen in many places where liquor is sold.


Is there on-site training?

On-Site trainings can be conducted under certain conditions.

A minimum of 10 participants and an adequate classroom environment must be guaranteed and the date and time must be mutually agreed upon by the sponsor and Advance Design & Concepts, Inc.

If the sponsor cannot provide an adequate classroom environment, a minimum of 20 participants must be guaranteed and Advance Design Concepts, Inc. will provide the meeting space.

By law, BASSET programs must be 4 hours in length. This time period should be taken into account when scheduling a date and time.

Under certain conditions, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission may recognize in-house training as adequately covering certain components of the BASSET curriculum. In those instances, class time can be shortened to include only those modules of the curriculum necessary to meet a full BASSET certification requirements.

Specialized seminars to cover only certain modules of the curriculum, such as "Detection of Fake IDs", are not subject to BASSET rules and regulations. These types of seminars can be an hour or longer. However, full BASSET certification requires a minimum of 6 hours of class time where all required curriculum modules are presented to the participants.

You can e-mail for more information at adcbasset@comcast.net or call at (847) 428-1744.

Do I need to register?

Pre-registration is not necessary, but is appreciated by either e-mail at adcbasset@comcast.net or phone at 847-428-1744 . Individuals will be welcome at the start of class without advance registration notification.

What about on line training?

Advance Design & Concepts does not offer an on-line program.

Many communities have stopped accepting on-line courses. You should check with your local liquor commission to make sure they will accept an on line certificate.

It is our philosophy that hands on assessment and inspection of fake IDs along with interaction between an instructor and participants in a Q & A enviornment offers a quality of education that on-line training is incapable of matching. Once again, if you do decide to take an on-line course, make sure it will be accepted by the agency requiring you to be BASSET certified.

What is BASSET?

BASSET stands for Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training. The curriculum not only covers areas of proper service and checking of IDs, but subjects covering the legal ramifications for businesses dealing with the public and the consumption of alcohol. The curriculum was also designed to cover peripheral areas so that trained individuals can act as vehicles of education to help eliminate some myths and misconceptions related to alcohol which can cause unnecessary hardship.

BASSET TRAINING DOES NOT TEACH BARTENDING. If you are interested in attending a bartending school, we recommend ABC Bartending Schools.

From its inception, BASSET was designed to provide a well rounded program so that sellers and servers would have a level of knowledge on relevant subjects deemed greater than the general publics'. The underlying purpose is to secure in a patron's mind that a BASSET trained individual is knowledgeable in many areas related to alcohol. Thus, the patron would view any suggestion given to come from a reliable and credible source and may result in a decision which would be best for all concerned.

This is especially important with the service of alcohol. BASSET trained individuals by demonstrating their expertise on pertinent subjects during the normal course of business would carry this credibility into more critical situations. In a scenario of withholding service or trying to arrange for alternative forms of transportation, a patron would be more likely to take this type of advice, more seriously, when coming from someone deemed a trained professional.

By law, the areas covered in BASSET training are:

  • Physical Properties of Alcohol, Drugs, and Alcoholism
  • Customer Prevention and Intervention Techniques
  • Illinois State Statutes, Local Ordinances, and DUI Laws
  • Proper Identification Techniques
  • Police and Paramedic Recommendations, Policies, and Expectations
  • Dram Shop Laws and Liabilities, and Victim Rights

Although BASSET training is not mandated by state law, state statute mandates that any training for sellers and servers of alcohol must meet all BASSET state law requirements which are regulated by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

At present, BASSET training is only mandated at the local level outside of Cook County. You would be required to be BASSET certified if your local liquor licensing agency has such a provision in its ordinances. It should also be mentioned that BASSET training is looked on very favorably by insurance companies when quoting rates.

Please feel free to contact us at 847-428-1744 or at adcbasset@comcast.net, if you still have any unanswered questions.



The professional ID checking techniques session is the hallmark of our BASSET Training Program.

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